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Aso College Group - is an Education Division of Aso Group in Japan, with a history of almost 80 years. It consists of 12 colleges which are specialised in various fields that provide students with cutting-edge education of expertise and valuable skills. In this collaboration, Aso College Group will be bringing their top animation teachers’ methods of teaching to the global stage.

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ACSJP – SS1.A2.1
Original Picture (Key Picture) and Movie (In-Between)

In this lesson, students will learn the differences between Key Animation and In-Between Animation.

My biggest takeaway from the course is how to draw dynamically in movements, hair, and expression. My drawing tends to be expressionless or just have the same expression and position throughout. There is no life in my drawing. The course taught me how to better understand movements and proportions.

Hosanna Petra






Learn the techniques of animation illustration, known as “straight ahead” and “pose-to-pose”



Direct Access
To Our Manga & Anime Sensei 

The lessons, conducted via video lectures, explain the knowledge and techniques of animation illustration that you can immediately apply. 

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Reproduce “straight ahead” and “pose-to-pose” animation techniques

• Explain the various terminology and types of paper used in animation

• Identify an animator’s work, particularly the final process of “clean-up.”

•  Recognize the differences between “straight ahead” and “pose-to-pose” animation techniques

•  Explain the rules of rotation

•  Explain the basics of perspective and depth

ACSJP – SS1.A2.2
Rules of Rotation

The movement and rules of rotation will be explained in this lesson.

ACSJP – SS1.A2.3
Basics of Perspective and Depth

This lesson will explore the essential rules to express space and depth, also known as perspective.

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+ When does the course start?

Students can purchase the course anytime here. The intake is rolling and you can commence lessons once you have purchased the course.

+ Is the course fully online?

Yes. The course is fully online. Learn more in Program Mode of Delivery.

+ How will the course be graded?

Yamada Sensei and Iwamura Sensei will be grading the assignments you submit after each sub-module from grades A to F. Learn more in Grading and Graduation Criteria.

+ What type of payment is acceptable?

We accept payment through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or credit/debit card to purchase the courses.

+ If I am interested in signing up the certification, what is the recommended duration to complete all modules?

There are 28 sub-modules in the course. The certification program is estimated to take around three to six months to complete. However, you may also choose to finish the modules at a pace that works for you. Learn more in Program Duration.

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(During Anime Mosha drawing course), I learned a lot including how to manage body proportions. The lessons are easy to understand and I was able to overcome inking. I didn’t have confidence (in inking) until after the course.

Aung Htet


I have gotten better at copy drawings after learning the use of grids and my inking is improved. I was able to draw original characters with better proportions and proper positioning of facial details. I was a total beginner so I have improved a lot more after learning this course.

Elbert J. Bellen


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Straight Ahead Action & Pose-To-Pose

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